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The Air Charter Association
Air Charter Expo 2021
London Biggin Hill / 13 September 2022
Aircraft on display
Preliminary list of aircraft already booked to appear
Dassault Falcon 8X
Dassault Aviation
The Falcon family of jets encompasses six aircraft, all positioned at the top end of the business jet market, from the twin-engine 3,350 nm large-cabin Falcon 2000S to its flagship, the tri-engine 6,450 nm ultra-long range Falcon 8X and the new ultra-widebody cabin Falcon 6X.
Its ultra-long range connects Hong Kong and Paris, London and Cape Town, Los Angeles and Beijing. Its cabin — the longest in the Falcon family — provides more comfort and a stunning choice of more than 30 distinct layouts. And thanks to overall design enhancements, the 8X is every bit as fuel efficient as the Falcon 7X. The Falcon 8X continues Falcon traditions of efficiency, performance, flexibility and comfort, while saving millions in total life cycle costs versus any rival. Once again, we are stretching the boundaries of what a business jet can do for you, helping you accomplish more.
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Dassault Falcon 2000S
Dassault Aviation
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Global 5000
Fully refurbished in 2020, this stunning Global 5000 has one of the finest aircraft interiors on the market, from the French Designer Alberto Pinto.

Based at Farnborough Airport, G-OMTX provides high speed KA-Band internet for up to 13 passengers, and sleeps six with four single and one double beds.

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Challenger 605
Challenger 605 OY-VAY is one of our most in-demand large jets. Based at Biggin Hill Airport and equipped with high speed internet, Brokers enjoy the benefits of no owner approval and regular charter availability of this aircraft.

The extra-large cabin configuration on OY-VAY means this Challenger 605 can accommodate up to 12 passengers and the crew are additionally qualified to operate at Funchal Airport.

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Pilatus PC-24
Oriens Aviation
A unique jet aircraft that can land on unpaved runways, offering the cabin size of a medium-light jet, the short-field performance of a turboprop and the speed of a light jet. In a class of its own.
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Pilatus PC-12
Oriens Aviation
In over seven million flight hours, the Pilatus PC-12 has gained reputation for its outstanding versatility, performance, reliability and operational flexibility. Whether it is the large luxurious cabin, low operating costs, short-field landing capability or precision Swiss engineering, the PC-12 will exceed expectations.
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Piaggio Avanti EVO
The Piaggio P180 Avanti EVO is a refreshingly different business aircraft in terms of performance and comfort. Other than offering an extended range option (up to 1.800 nm), superior climb performance and class-leading fuel economy, the EVO is one of the most efficient aircraft flying in the skies. It is the fastest turboprop in production today: the EVO achieves greater speed without compromising operating costs, running at up to 30% less than a jet of the same size.
Efficiency and speed are produced by its sleek and stylish lines. The innovative Three Lifting Surfaces concept creates an extremely safe handling of the aircraft while also making the EVO super-efficient and striking on the apron. In terms of comfort, the P180 Avanti EVO is spacious, finely furnished and its quiet cabin is truly an office in the sky, allowing passengers (up to 7) to maximize their working day while arriving fresh and ready for business.
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Rheinand Air Service
HondaJet sets new standards in business aviation. Thanks to its innovative design, it combines high performance with great fuel efficiency, and innovative production with comprehensive maintenance. Along with its superb performance, the new HondaJet features a modern and comfortable cabin, plus a competitive price for a light jet.
As the exclusive HondaJet dealer in Central Europe, RAS can introduce you to the many superior characteristics of this exciting new business jet. This advanced light jet breaks new ground in both design and performance. With its numerous innovations, HondaJet combines high cruise speed with a spacious cabin. Its long list of outstanding features make the HondaJet a wonderful choice for modern business aviation.
Key highlights of the HondaJet aircraft: Best-in-class cruise speed and fuel efficiency; Over-the-wing engine mount (OTWEM); Intuitive Garmin G3000 all-glass avionics system; and composite fuselage.
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Gulfstream G450
With an impressive range whether you are flying domestically or internationally our Gulfstream G450 is the ideal choice for up to 14 passengers. Certified to operate at up to 45,000 feet we can fly higher than commercial airlines, avoiding congestion at lower levels along the way.
With a cruise speed of 540 mph (870 kmh) and faster check-in times as a private traveller you will be amazed how effortless travel can become.
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